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Gilles Mouly began his fireworker career in 1986. Passionate, he created his own company en 1995 named « the architects of the show ». With his team, they have become known quickly in Aveyron, place where the company was born, then, in France and internationaly. They have known a lot of success during their journey like the jury award to the international festival of pyrotechnics of Barcelona, three fireworks show to Millau viaduct and performances in Qatar and Barhain. Naturally, his son, Alexandre, has shared the same passion, and has integrated the company and refounded it in 2012. He evolved it, gave it a new name and he widened the performances with waterfalls show.

Surrounded by an eclectic and passionate team, father and son put today the experience of one et the dynamism of the other to serving your shows.




« The show time is a moment who put us out of our daily. Which must bring us to see the world in a different way, more beautiful, more poetic, put us in a dream. It must mark our mind to create the emotion.

This is our job : disconnect people to bring them in an other place during a short time. But for the magic happens, the show must be anchored in a context, it must have a sense.

                 The philosophy of FWF Concept is the same than « The Architects of the Show ». We have chosen this name to explain our vision of the fireworks which must adapt to the site, to be mix with it to make it more beautiful. Each site is unique, each show too. We have done evolve our company to bring a lot of possibilities. Our shows are « custom-made ». They are adapted to the place, but to your desires to, and to the budget of our clients that we go with during the creative process.

The technic side must not constrain the creative possibilities, so we are always looking for innovations. We develop ourselves our own technical systems to go at the end of our ideas and to be extremely precise in the synchronisation between fireworks, waterfalls, music, light and image. It's this precision which permit the perfect osmosis between the elements which carry the emotion et which give all the strenght to ours shows. »

                                                                                                                                        Gilles Mouly, founder



Cazouls les Béziers

photographe : Lucie Thomas






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